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Gather together with our business of pleasure & join over 1000+ enthousiastic Holy Chocolate eaters!

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Cacao For Harmony

Holy Chocolates is a ritual of wellness and self-care. Handcrafted with clean, potent & active ingredients. Cacao is a superfood and our philosophy is built around that. Come here for a clear body and mind.

  • Cacao As A Medium

    We are challenging ourselves to look at food as more than simply an edible delight or a necessity. Can we utilize it to tell stories? Stories that will make us (re) think our eating + living habits.

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  • Cacao As A Power

    The history of cacao is deep, yet in modern culture we generally know little of it. We created this company to embrace the essence of cacao as a healing phytonutrient, taking us back to its roots.

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  • Sustainability

    Sustainability is at the forefront of our work, thus we prioritize giving back to the planet. Our packaging is fully bio-degradable. We produce locally making sure no food goes to waste.

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