Holy Chocolates was founded anno 2020 in your typical small Amsterdam kitchen by Amalia Talei, after being vegan for 10 years and rounding up a degree in plant-based nutrition. Her recipe developing adventure brought her and everyone else this current ongoing project. Currently it is run by her and Anna Leonardi, expanding into a small yet impactful community for health & well being. 

  • Love & Care

    We believe and stand for a higher love. For empathy. For generosity. Which does not imply no love for the self. We greatly support self-love as we have seen time after time that learning to give and take care of our own well-being allows us to give back to others and the planet. This is a privilege not everyone has, so use it wisely.

  • Sustainability

    This company was born with the intent to leave a positive imprint on our industry, cacao agriculture as well as our environment. We do our best by promoting ethical farming, less food-waste and using recyclable methods for packaging + shipping.

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  • Needs

    We created only what we couldn't find, fulfilling multipal needs at the same time. Every product was born from a place of absence, or we simply believed it needed improvement.

    We don't want to add unnecessary products or lies to the world, we're pretty allergic to bullshit.


All products are carefully handcrafted in Amsterdam coming from organic produce being clean, potent and active. Our treats are naturally sweetened as well as enhanced with adaptogens. Our cacao originates from Peru through a direct-trade company, however we aim to sustain a small cacao farm ourselves in the foreseeable future.

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