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Are your products vegan, gluten-free and/or organic?

Yes, yes and yes!

What does 'supplementary' stand for?

We add phytonutrients & adaptogens (herbal pharmaceuticals) to our products, which are plant-derived nutrient dense ingredients. In small yet concentrated dosage, doing good to you and your body!  

How are your products sweetened?

We primarily use date syrup or occasionally rice syrup/coconut blossom.

How do I store my chocolates? Do they need refrigeration?

Your chocolates don't need refrigeration unless it's 27 degrees and up indoors. If you don't expose your chocolates to direct sunlight they won't melt, store them in the same box they came with or at least air-sealed in a cool and dark place. Like your kitchen cabinet.

How long will my chocolates last? Can I freeze my chocolates?

We dare you to hold on to them 2 months! Because, that is how long they will stay fresh. We don't recommend freezing chocolate as water doesn't react well.

What if I want to order chocolates during summer/hot periods?

We don't recommend ordering when it's 27 degrees and up. Other than that, it will be fine. Don't expose them to direct sunlight for too long.

Can I physically buy your products?

See our stockist page.

If you couldn't find what you're looking for please contact us through live chat or and we will get back to you in timely manner!

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