• As A Company

    We believe it is our duty to take only what we need, what nature provides and give back at the same time.

    Our 100% vegan mission has already gifted something positive but we also made sure to produce as less waste as we possibly can.

  • As A Consumer

    Re-use what you can, recycle what you can, compost what you can and eat what you need not only what you crave. We made all of the above easier for you.

  • As A Supplier

    We harbor no animosity although we do believe there is a need for improvement within the cacao industry, for this to happen we need to collectively - but mainly as suppliers - create the change and be a part of it. We believe supporting small-holder farmers & cacao agroforestry is the future.

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Our packaging is made of recycled materials (mainly paper) and fully bio-degradable. We are working on compostable packaging and the usage of plastic free plastic.

Local Production

We produce locally in Amsterdam!

Small Batches

No mass consumption, is it simply not possible. Our products are handcrafted on demand in small batches.

No Food-Waste

For our treats no food goes to waste, we use the bi-products to create our skin loving potions.

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