• Events

    Our artisan chocolates are wildly loved and widely eaten, we have done various events + openings. Including live chocolate making or customized chocolates. We are always open to a potential collaborations, just reach out to us and we can see together what fits your needs.

  • Wholesale

    If you wish to inquire us for wholesale you may contact us directly at sales@holychocolates.com please describe your business and provide us with an estimated starting quantity of the products, along with any questions!

  • Affiliate

    If you believe you have a following that could potentially be interested in our products, we kindly ask you to re-evaluate your own values and see if they align with ours. If you see correlation between the two, feel free to contact us with your ideas at amalia@holychocolates.com



What is the minimal order point for wholesale? Do you offer a discount?

We do, please contact us to see what is possible.

Are your chocolates allergene friendly/vegan?

They are lactose & dairy free, they are also gluten free.

What is the shelf-life of your chocolates?

They are best consumed within 2-3 months.

How should the chocolates be stored?

If buying in bulk, we will provide you with the correct storage boxes. Chocolate is heat and water sensitive, so please do not store them exposed to direct sun/heat and/or water. It won't melt during warmer periods if stored air-sealed in a dark place at room temperature. Do not refrigerate them.

Where do you source your cacao & superfoods/adaptogens?

Peru and locally as sustainably possible, we can provide you with more information.


Please contact us in adequate time prior to your event to prevent possible interruptions and allow things to run smoothly for us both.

We do not deliver chocolate(s) in high summer season which means temperatures of 27 degrees and up.

Adaptogens + Supplements

The adaptogens and supplements we use are all plant-derived and active, meaning the body can absorb them. There are no dangerous to eating/using any of our products as they are based around phytonutrients and herbal pharmaceuticals.

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