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Holy Chocolates

Hazelnut Raspberry Praline

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An explosion of nutty, creamy and decadent chocolate with notes of acidity/sweetness from raspberry and a generous dose of bourbon vanilla. Handcrafted to reap all your health benefits.

Bonus points? Protecting your skin from cell damage, reducing inflammation and aiding in healthy bowel movements.

Ingredients: hazelnut, coconut, tahin, vanilla, fleur de sel, beetroot powder, raspberry powder, date syrup, cacao butter, cacao liquor paste, camu camu, lions mane, vitamine D oil (plant derived), collagen powder (plant derived).


With approximately 50 grams per chocolate, this is not your average bonbon! We already proved that with our composition of ingredients... But yes, go big or go home. :)


Air-sealed in a cool and dark place, like your kitchen cabinet! Please don't refrigerate or freeze me. Eat me within 2 months.


We guarantee shipping within 48 hours with reduced prices for Europe. Every order is handcrafted individually + freshly with tender care from our Amsterdam space.

Chocolate won't melt unless it's 30 degrees & up.

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The Benefits

We make our products out of the finest raw Peruvian cacao beans & cacao butter, for our treats we use natural sweetness from dates. Everything is a powerful phytonutrient dense concoction with a generous dose of plant derived Collagen, vitamin D as well as Adaptogens. Known to help aid in iron deficiency, skin elasticity and boosting your mood as wel as immunity while at it! We do all of this in the most sustainable way possible.

  • Adaptogens

    We use primarily Lions Mane as well as Chaga in our chocolates. Both known to manage anxiety, stress and improve your mood. Powerful antioxidants found in both help reduce inflammation and maintain healthy skin.

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  • Collagen

    The most abundant protein in your body! A major component of bone, skin, muscles, tendons, and cartilage. From the age of 25 the natural production of collagen decreases. Collagen boosters are usually derived from animals, we are one of the few companies providing plant based boosters.

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  • Cacao

    There would be no Holy Chocolates without Cacao. We live for it. Cultivated by the Mayas over 1500 years ago, it is now used on the daily in every country. Also known for the bliss chemical (Anandamide) it contains plenty antioxidants, minerals and is super high in magnesium.

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We have already created a small yet positive imprint by creating 100% vegan delicacies locally in small batches. All our products come plastic-free in reusable + biodegradable pacakging. Meaning we are a low-waste company. However, we vastly believe that the harvesting of cacao asks for improvement. For human conditions as well as the planet. Therefor our goal is to facilitate a cacao farm ourselves in the foreseeable future as well as reducing our CEO2 imprint.

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